DOCMAN translates user manuals, technical documentation and software from English to Swedish (mother tongue). Other languages can be offered with the help of translators in cooperation.

Medical Device knowledge is a must

Translation of texts concerning medical devices requires experience and understanding within this subject. The translator must be familiar with how medical devices are operated and what terminology the users prefer. As a member state of the European Union Sweden follows the MDD (European Medical Device Directives). In addition, Sweden requires that all medical devices must be accompanied by a user manual in the Swedish language. By hiring a specialised translator with relevant medical device experience your text will be easier to understand, reflect the language spoken by health care personnel and conform to regulatory requirements.

Professional translation tools

By using a CAT tool it is easy to structure the terminology and to be more cost-effective. A CAT (Computer Aided Translations) tool is a program that makes use of the computers potential to create customer specific memories of previously translated texts and then re-offers them for new texts. The more you translate the bigger the memory gets which will be useful for similar texts or repetitive sentences (common in manuals) in the future. This is professional translation program and is not the same as the translation function that you use on Internet to translate web pages or similar. When you hire an experienced translator that uses CAT you will save money and time. This is especially true when you have a series of similar products or often releases product updates.

DOCMAN uses a CAT tool with the brand name Trados, which is a program used by most professional translators.


Close collaboration for better results

For the translator it is valuable with as much information about the product as possible. Successful translations is often a result of that the translator fully understands the product. Allowing the translator to ask questions and to offer a direct contact with the manufacturer is the key to success. Since many products consist of both software and hardware it is important to consider the whole system. Terms and expressions must be consistent with other parts of the system, or it will be difficult for the reader to understand. Often older versions of products exist or a product has been redesigned. It is recommended to use the same language (or same translator) in order to keep confusion at a minimum.

Rates and availability

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